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Liz James - Coastal Elements

Instagram: @lizjamesart

Twitter: @lizjamesart

Liz James is a Contemporary British Landscape Artist who works with an array of media to produce incredible landscapes that will transport you back to the North Norfolk coast. We are delighted to welcome Liz back to the Café for a special exhibit of some of her latest works, all available for sale.

"I work in a free, expressive style to capture the atmosphere of a place and time rather than geographical detail. I like to experiment and incorporate other materials and mediums and often use charcoal, pastel, pencil and sand with watercolour and acrylic to enhance my paintings. The beautiful Norfolk landscape is the main inspiration for my artistic practice, in particular the beautiful coast and wide-open skies. I love the way the weather and changing seasons mark the passage of time and affect the mood of the sea, sky and landscape. I completed a BA Hons. in Fine Art in the 1980’s at Stourbridge in the West Midlands and, after several years working in marketing I returned to study MA in Fine Art at the Norwich University of the Arts in 2009."

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