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Jenny Grainger

Updated: May 6, 2021

I love to paint on silk as the lustrous nature of the fabric lends itself to the mainly floral work she enjoys to create. Along a little lane in Suffolk lies a pretty meadow belonging to my sister, it is boarded by a native hedge on two sides and a recently planted hedge on another. My Daughter and I have been using the meadow for many years to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. We have apple, pear, plum, cherry trees and soft fruit, flowers and shrubs. Everything we grow is as organic as possible. Hares, rabbits, deer, birds, butterflies and dragonflies share our space, along with red who love the wildflowers.
Much of my work is inspired by this secluded, tranquil and fragrant spot. In spring, the hedge blossoms with frothy white hawthorn. Later, wild roses cascade along it and hops, hips sloes and elderberries paint the autumn scene.
Free-motion machine embroidery adds texture and interest to my painted pieces and i take great pleasure in using silk manufactured in Sudbury - the silk capitol of England - to make small sewn items.
I am mostly self-taught but spent some time in the 1960's at art collage in Walthamstow, where I became fascinated by the arts and crafts fabrics and wallpapers designed by William Morris. His childhood home was close by and is now the globally-renowned William Morris Gallery.
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. Jenny

Jenny has been extremely generous and asked that 100% of money made on her artwork (available to purchase at the Café), will be donated to a local charity of our choice. For this exhibition we chose Cromer's Lifeboat Station, saving lives at sea!

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